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Welcome to my livejournal, as you can see most of the posts are friends locked, apart from the occasional Night is Day post!

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I'm Fraser, I'm 30 years of age, and I'm living just outside the city centre of Glasgow. I love to write, make films and I work as a corporate filmmaker with my own video production company Silly Wee Films

I've got my own superhero TV show Night is Day which is available on DVD at

Also I'm working on a brand new feature film, Night is Day - The Movie which you can find out about by clicking on the link! If you like superheroes, or sci-fi, or Scottish films, then you'll like Night is Day!

I like: honest, friendly geeky people, watching TV, going to the cinema, Family Guy, Doctor Who, Spaced, Torchwood, Chuck, Angel, Firefly, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, House, Red Dwarf, Blackadder, Garth Marenghi, Extras, The Office, Blackadder, just to name a few TV shows :p

I hate: close minded people who force their opinion on you, you guys really grind my gears, spiders, fish (to eat, not in general), and being stuck in the rain as I'm usually wearing converses.

You'll find all the info about me on my profile page so feel free to leave me a comment here and I'll add you back!


PS, this is me -
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Doctor Who - Amy with her police hat

Lights, camera, action.

As I mention in my intro post, I'm a filmmaker, so I figured I'd post a link to some of the films that I've worked on!

Two and a Half Minutes

A short thriller with Colin McCredie from Taggart and John Gaffney who stars in Night is Day (more on that below)

Night is Day - Series 1

My massive project, lol. "Night is Day" started as an idea in 2005 in my head about a Glasgow superhero. So far I've wrote and directed two seasons. The first series was complete in 2007 and it has 6 episodes ranging between 10 and 30 minutes. We have a DVD of it with a disc of special features at

Night is Day - Series 2

Here's the 2nd series trailer. Series 2 consists of 7 episodes, 25 minutes each. I'm proud of this series as it took everything I had in me to finish it. We're just waiting on the special effects for episodes 6 and 7 now. Here be the trailer:

Night is Day - The Movie

Ah, the movie! It's a completely stand alone story, so you won't need to watch series 1 or 2 to understand it, but it'll help :p We don't start filming until the Summer but here's a video of our auditions :)

You can find out more at

Thank you!
Geek Love - Fred

Things I'm looking forward to in 2013

Feel free to join in on this:
  1. Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 - It's going to be epic, 8 new episodes, a brand new companion and the mystery of who Clara/Oswin actually is. I hope she's not just a long-lost relative, that would be weak. I have faith in the Moff. I know he's had a lot of bashing from fans recently, and yes, series 6 was a bit OTT, but I really enjoyed the first 5 episodes of series 7 and the Christmas special looks brilliant. 
  2. Being Human Series 5 - How good was series 4? It worked even without Mitchell and George, the new characters were brilliant. The Tom/Hal friendship was amazing and Kate's new ghost, Alex, fits in perfectly too. I cannot wait for the next series. After MisFits totally bombing after series 3, I'm in need of BH coming back.
  3. Sherlock Series 3 - So, how did Sherlock survive the fall? Was it even him who fell off the building? Brilliant writing and great characters made Sherlock series 2 fantastic. I feel with the success of Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch that series 3 will likely be the last.
  4. Star Trek Into Darkness - alright, not the best title, but come on, it'll be ace. They've taken their time to get it right, so bring it on.
  5. All Marvel films! Aka Iron Man 3 - Whee! Iron Man 2 was a let down. Nice elements but it didn't gel as a film. After the Avengers, this film has to be amazing and I think they'll pull it off. Slightly scared about the Mandarin though...

Let me know what you guys are looking forward to in 2013!
How I Met Your Mother - Super Naked Man

Time for a regular, end of year update...

Okay, it's been far too long since I've used livejournal. Facebook and Twitter has taken me away, but I'm annoyed with one, and happy to just tweet randomly with the other.

I've moved since my last post, broke up with my girlfriend (sadly, this isn't unusual) and spent months alone, in what can only be described by my friend Scott, as a Batman Begins style reboot. During my time on Twitter I took a photo of my Spider-Man comics and Doctor Who action figure collection, stating that I would be alone forever. Mark Millar (yes, the Kick Ass guy) re-tweeted it to his 10,000 followers and some lovely geeky girls came out of the wood work. One such girl, Sara, caught my attention, and we spent the next month on the phone every night, tweeting, texting, getting to know each other. There was only one problem, she was in Wales. 

Obviously the idea of a Welsh girlfriend was brilliant to me. I love the Welsh. They've given us new Doctor Who AND Torchwood. Plus they are so goddarn friendly and happy. Sara was kind enough to visit me in Glasgow for a few days and we got on like a house on fire. Queue a rom-com style slow-motion run at Glasgow airport, followed by a PG-13 embrace. It was brilliant.

Cut a long story short: 7 months later, Sara is living with me in Glasgow while studying to be a learning disabilities month at uni, and I'm working with my new filmmaking team (called Creative Talent Connections) on a new TV show and several short films. Life is good. Plus I've still got my little bunny Barney, and he is brilliant.

Under the cut is a couple of videos that I've made this year that I'm really proud of, so feel free to check it out:

Collapse )

I'm also working on my very own podcast for people who want to work in TV and film. Our first episode features Greg Hemphill, who co-wrote and starred in Chewin' the Fat and Still Game, as well as Kirsty Strain who appeared in sketch show Burnistoun and soap River City. You can listen to it below, I think it's quite funny and informative.

What else? Well I've become obsessed with Sherlock. Series 2 was brilliant. The wait for series 3 is slightly painful, but we've got new Doctor Who with a brilliant new companion to entertain ourselves with! 

I think that'll do for now, so feel free to comment and say hello.  

Geek Love - Fred

Long time no post...

It's been a really long time since I've posted anything on LJ.

Is anybody still here?

I've moved several times, did lots of new things and my life is generally a lot better. True story.

I'm actually on here to show my lovely new girlfriend what LJ actually is. It's quite hard to explain without visual aids.

Anyway, how are we all doing?
Firefly - Shiney!

Night is Day at the Glasgow Film Festival


Just to say that my first ever feature film, Night is Day, will be premiering at the Glasgow Film Festival on Wednesday 22nd of February, 6.30pm, at the CCA on Sauchiehall Street. 

You can get tickets by going here -

Here be our special trailer!

Hope to see you there!      
How I Met Your Mother - Super Naked Man


 I've been a bad LJ user, I've neglected it for Twitter and sadly, Facebook, although Facebook is going through many levels of suckiness right now.

Anyway I've been away keeping busy with paid video work (hoorah!) and Night is Day to ensure that all the special effects, sound and music are finished in time for October where I'm off to the American Film Market the following month to meet with sales agents and distributors. Exciting times!

Look at one of the visual effects shots -


Cool, right??

Anyway, sorry. Tell me how you're all doing?

Torchwood: Miracle Day is okay, I'm still not loving the Americanism of it all, but Gwen, Jack and Rhys are fantastic. 

I wonder how long until Doctor Who is back - I'm missing it very much.

Oh, and new Chuck soon - woo :D

If you're on Facebook you can "Like" the new Night is Day group - so please do so :)

Thanks :D
Eddie Izzard - History

Night is Day - Meet The Cast

 As part of the Glasgow Comic Con which is running at the Mackintosh Church in Glasgow (on Maryhill Road) this week, we were invited along last night to promote the film.

We showed our 10 minute sizzle reel and a special Night is Day - Confidential with highlights from the series thus far.

This is a slightly different version than the one we showed but it's still fun (I hope).


Doctor Who - To Victory!

I would walk...erm...22 miles..

 To raise much needed funds to help market my first ever movie Night is Day I roped in a few people and we walked 22 miles from the Falkirk Wheel to Glasgow.

We started at 9.30am and finished at 5.30pm.

Here's a small video of our walk followed by the trailer for the movie.

You can donate, sponsor and support the film by going to

Thank you :D
Geek Love - Fred

In Scotland? Looking for something to do tonight?

We're looking for YOUR support at our Film Market Fundraiser on the 27th of March!

The Ark have been very kind and are letting us take over for the night. We've got two bands - Man at the Window and Echofela - to entertain us.

We'll have a very special movie quiz and LOTS of special prizes to win in our raffle including BEER! Comic books from the movie, official t-shirts, DVDs, signed artwork and more.

Comedian Stevie Pollack will also be entertaining us on the night!

We will also be showing our 10 minute preview on the massive screen in the Ark!

The Ark are offering 2 cocktails for £5 plus lots of awesome other cheap drinks so it'll be a great night.

Tickets are £5 or £4 for students. You can buy them on the door from 7pm until 8pm when the events will kick off! Or email to reserve your tickets.

So come along, meet the cast and crew and have some fun while helping Scotland's first superhero movie get to the American Film Market in November!

The address is 42 N Frederick Street, Glasgow.

Hope you can make it!